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About us

Sprengers Advocaten specialises par excellence in labour law, co-determination law and social security law. These have been our fields of expertise for over thirty years. Apart from employees, employees/works councils and trade unions who are our clients we also assist employers.

Our lawyers are experts in the fields of:

  • Co-determination law
  • Individual labour law and collective labour agreement law
  • Civil service law
  • Social security law

We assist in many kinds of legal proceedings

Whether interlocutory proceedings, dismissal procedures or guidance during a reorganisation, we offer true commitment in all areas. We also assist you in advice procedures, or if you want to object to a ruling made in the framework of the “Work and Income (capacity for work) Law” (“Wet Werk en Inkomen naar arbeidsvermogen”, or “WIA”


Our lawyers are experienced and passionate, supported by professional and dedicated staff. It is our priority to offer excellent services to everyone. To áll our clients, whether trade unions, employees councils, employees or employers.

Often the first law firm to receive new and complicated legal questions

Because of our specialisms we closely monitor the developments in our fields of law. We participate in social and scientific debates before new legislation is implemented and we advise our clients regarding issues that might arise from these (new) rules. Due to our specialisms, as well as the fact that we operate nation-wide, we are often the first ones to receive new and complicated legal questions.

Frequently we are involved in proceedings that lead to new laws. And this is what we focus on in our courses and articles. Because our lawyers are experts in the same fields they have the opportunity to consult each other. All this means that we offer you our personal attention and expertise when you call upon us for assistance. You are more than welcome to visit us in our law firm at Plompetorengracht in Utrecht city centre and discuss what we can do for you.

Your income matters

When you have to call in a lawyer we do realize that this can be a costly matter. That is the reason that we apply different fees for individual clients who have to bear the charges themselves. Our fees are related to your income. We offer legal aid as well, meaning that the government reimburses part of the charges. Please check www.rvr.org to find out if you are eligible to obtain legal aid. Of course it can be discussed during your first appointment with one of our lawyers. Individual clients are charged € 50.00 for the first half hour of this meeting.

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Telephone: +31 30 252 0900
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